As regards my journalistic activities, I have had a number of letters published in the Witness, Sunday Times and Noseweek but I do not advance that as journalism because Letters to the Editor as not subjected to editorial control as regards inter alia quality.

I have also had a number of articles published on, a site based in Israel. There is also no real editorial control there, and payment for the material is calculated on the basis of visits to articles.

What I do however classify as serious journalistic endeavours are the material that I will now refer to in what follows.

I also have a website based in Utah at and particulars of my published material for which I was paid a decent amount of money are contained in the following links:


I will in due course transfer the information on that site to my wordpress website but at this juncture there are a number of my articles on the site, starting with the link, “The General and I”, which deal with General Earp, the former chief of the Air Force, who happen to have been the man who trained me as a fighter pilot many years ago when I was 18 years old, and he was a Lieutenant.

I posted 14 of the my 60 odd published articles on the website on links titled Article1 to Article 14.

There are also four amusing chapters of my book on the Bible, a non-spiritual academical treatise, soon to be published.


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