CASE 5 – Beating the Electromatic loops in a speeding case

Beating the Electromatic loops in a speeding case

Once upon a time, and while I was returning to Durban after a day in court in Pietermaritzburg, I was trapped in a speed trap that consisted of the loops that are permanently installed under the road surface of the freeway between Durban and  Pietermaritzburg.

In due course I appeared in the Pinetown Court and the state called the designer of the company (Electromatic) that manufactured the device with which I was trapped. What then transpired was rather disappointing because I was looking forward to a challenging technical battle. During my cross-examination of the expert witness I stumbled upon the fact that the company tried unsuccessfully to have the equipment tested by the South African Bureau of Standards. When I pressed the witness on that point, he lost his temper and ranted on and on about the incompetence of the personnel of the Bureau; the fact that they allegedly “burned out” two of his machines; and that his machines work. Needless to say, soon thereafter the state closed its case, and soon thereafter I was acquitted.


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